11 Steps Guide: How to Start a Blog in 2020 - Make Money Online

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11 Steps Guide: How to Start a Blog in 2020 (Make Money Online)

If you're wondering, starting of your blog and make money online in 2020? And passionate about writing content. Then it makes perfect sense, Blogging is For You 

Blogging is a way of spreading information and news among people. Blogging is sharing your knowledge with the people. Blog writing is an extraordinary way to try different things with your writing style. 

But, how do you start? How you gone a rank your blog? How to select a topic for writing? Although you have done the writing part, the rest of the procedure can be overpowering. Hosting, themes and all that other nerd stuff. For that, we are here to enable you to explore each progression so you can begin a blog without stress, from picking your domain name to publishing your first post. 

11 Steps Guide to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2020:

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

Step 2: Picking Your Name

Step 3: Selecting a Platform

Step 4: Hosting

Step 5: Deciding On a Theme

Step 6: Installing Helpful Plugins

Step 7: Designing Your Blog

Step 8: Adding Key Pages

Step 9: Creating Epic Blog Content

Step 10: Driving Blog Traffic

Step 11: Blogging for Money

11 Steps Guide to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2020: Infographic

So here we come up with the easy 11 steps to start your blog from writing topic to choosing a niche to select the theme, content for a blog & hosting as per your blog need. 

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

Do you need advice on picking the correct niche for your blog? 

In this blog, I'm going to share with you 4 tips by which you can pick your blog niche. One that will carry traffic to your site and help you construct a reliable group audience. 

A profitable niche, should you choose to monetize it. 

Here are 

  1. Write On What You Enjoy Talking About. 
  2. Do the Market Research To Find Your Niche's Profitability. 
  3. Would it be a good idea for you to choose a Broad or Narrow Niche? 
  4. Monetizing a Niche Blog

These are more some of the profitable blog topics:

  1. Personal finance
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Diet and nutrition
  4. Food and healthy eating
  5. DIY and crafting
  6. Home Decor
  7. Beauty and fashion
  8. Lifestyle
  9. Personal development
  10. Parenting
  11. Travel
  12. Education
  13. Tech
  14. Relationship advice
  15. Prepping
  16. Music
  17. Sports
  18. Political
  19. Movies
  20. Cars
  21. Pets
  22. Gaming

Step 2: Picking Your Name

When Naming A Blog, Avoid Giving Your Audience The Wrong Assumption. 


Here are three of the reliable strategies I've used to come up with snappy blog names. 

1. Uses A Thesaurus. 

Need to come up with new and fascinating words for your blog name? 

Flick through a thesaurus. It's a goldmine for brilliant trendy words. 

2. Look at Your Competition 

You can get some things from your opponents. At that point tap into your creativity and turn words around a piece to come up with your very own blog name. 

The objective is to be inspired, not to duplicate. 

3. Use Your Name 

If all else fails, you could go with the default alternative. What better approach to make your brand than by including your name in it? 

Self-naming the blogs has been a go-to strategy for some successful bloggers. 

At the point when you utilize your name, it lets peruses effectively perceive the brand as yours.

Step 3: Selecting a Platform

Since you've come up with a niche and blog name, we should go to the following stage, and that is picking blogging platforms. 

Which one is the best platform to choose for blogging? 

My own decision and I figure plenty of bloggers would come up, is WordPress. These platforms offer numerous open doors for customization and choices to change over your site into a steady income resource. 

Why Choose WordPress? 

This platform is open-source programming that lets you make beautiful websites. 

WordPress has powerful highlights, giving you boundless possibilities. No big surprise it is trusted platforms by 34 percent of the web. From the greatest news sites to hobby blogs.

Here are several reasons why it's an extraordinary blogging platform. 

  1. WordPress Has Been Around For Years. 
  2. WordPress is Open Source Platform, It is Free and used By All. 
  3. WordPress Is SEO-Friendly. 
  4. WordPress offers Many Features For Website Customization. 
  5. WordPress Has Great Community Support.

Step 4: Hosting


SiteGround offers a wide range of sorts of services. In addition to regular cheap shared hosting and domain names, there are a lot of different choices. That includes a faster cloud hosting, just as both virtual and dedicated servers. Likewise, SiteGround gives uniquely designed, bespoke servers for enormous organizations.


HostGator is a popular web hosting service that offers shared hosting plans, a cPanel dashboard for dealing with your site, and incredible client support. 

The most significant question, however, is whether it's the right hosting supplier for your unique purposes. In this HostGator audit, we'll give you the information you have to settle on that choice. 

HostGator's shared hosting can rapidly kick you started with a website. There are two choices: traditional shared hosting or cloud hosting. 


WordPress hosting is simply hosting that has been enhanced to all the more likely meet WordPress' performance and security needs. It additionally typically includes a single click WordPress installs to make it simple, to begin with, WordPress. What's more, some WordPress hosts will even consequently refresh your WordPress software as required.

Step 5: Deciding On a Theme

One of the basic requirements of a Blog is its theme (Blog design). 

The theme speaks to your work and how expertly you are blogging. Most of the new blogs don't give a lot of consideration to a theme and utilize tons of widgets, utilize a theme that can suit more ads or continue changing their Blog theme at normal intervals. 

This is probably the greatest mistake that you can make in your Blogging career. Choosing a Blog theme isn't a simple task and discovering one flawless theme is an endless task.

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How to choose a blog theme

  1. Professional or Personal
  2. Light Background or Dark Background?
  3. Content Theme
  4. Simple, minimalist or Filled up, content-rich?
  5. Color Scheme

Most Popular Responsive Theme for Wordpress

  1. Jevelin
  2. Newspaper
  3. Divi
  4. Gillion (Trending Item)
  5. Uncode
  6. Soledad
  7. Kalium
  8. CheerUp
  9. Johannes
  10. Bridge
Step 6: Installing Helpful Plugins

If you’re using a WordPress platform for blogging then you should install some Plugins that would be helpful. Some of the most used Plugins that enhance your blog functionality.

You must consider these Plugins for your blog.

  1. Elementor Page Builder
  2. Social Pug
  3. Short Pixel Image Optimizer
  4. Updraft Plus
  5. Pretty Link Lite
  6. Insert Headers & Footers
  7. WordFence
  8. Yoast SEO for Wordpress
  9. SEMRush
  10. Google Search Console
  11. Ahrefs
  12. Google Keyword Planner
  13. All in One SEO Pack
  14. SEOPress
  15. All in One Schema Rich Snippets
  16. Broken Link Checker

Step 7: Designing your blog

Now it's an ideal opportunity to make a magnificent design for your blog. Your blog's design is an essential part of your brand. And branding is essential for many reasons. 

As the American technology entrepreneur and Amazon originator Jeff Bezos stated, 

“Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

So you need to make a brand design that will impress the guests of your page. First impressions last; that is the thing that they generally say. Make a brilliant impression in the briefest measure of time. What's more, with that plan, you'll need individuals to remain on your blog longer and make them explore further.

Accordingly, the need to build a visually appealing site.

  1. Make A Design That Conveys Professionalism. 
  2. The Right Branding Attract Right Audience For Your Blog. 
  3. People Notice your Blog Design First Before Content.

Step 8: Adding Key Pages

With regards to planning your site, you have to incorporate these three key pages: Home page, about me page and Contact page. 

1. Home page 

This is the place your audience lands first. So you got the chance to make a magnificent first impression if you need them to remain and explore your site further. 

2. About Page 

If your reader needs to get to know more about you, they go to the About Me page. 

The Home Page is about making a positive impression. If they discover your site interesting, they may get curious and want to get more basic content about you. 

This is why we need the About Me page. 

3. Contact Page 

Once they find your blog interesting, they'll want to associate with you. Maybe give you some criticism or subscribe to a mailing list. 

So for that, your reader needs your contact details. 

This is why we used the contact detail page.

Step 9: Creating Epic Blog Content

Now you've set up your blog you can begin writing your first posts! 

We'll talk about crafting the ideal headlines for every one of your blog entries. One that is snappy and catch your audience's eye. We'll give you some advice on how to come up with loads of blog post thoughts to get your wheels turning! 

Creating the Perfect Blog Post Headline 

If you need to make epic substance, one that gets incredible web traffic, at that point you'll require a marvelous feature that will make heads turn. 

The reason for your headline is to stand out enough to be noticed. Make it interesting and captivating that they'll click on your post. 

So how would you think of something catchy that will energize their curiosity and attention? 

It's not that overwhelming of a task. Here are a couple of tips to think of a marvelous headline.

Think about What Your Audience Wants. 

Use A Catchy Headline That Makes Them Curious and Read more. 

Remember that Numbers In Your Headlines Can Attract Readers? 

  1. Offer A Solution To Their Problem. 
  2. Remember To Use Powerful Words. 
  3. Keep Your Headlines And Titles Short. 
  4. Nobody Wants To Be Misled By A Title. 
  5. Make Mystery And Captivate Your Audience 
  6. Use Your Readers' Language

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Step 10: Driving Blog Traffic

Thinking about how to get web traffic when you start a blog? If you considering monetizing your site.

It is critical that you make your blog known to the world and show individuals why they should be checking it out.

Do you have to spend a tremendous amount of money to get traffic to your new blog? 

Not really.

There are numerous reasonable approaches to support your online marketing strategies

Social Media

Social Media will probably one of the most ideal approaches to promote websites once you've begun your blog. Ensure that your branding continues carries over to those platforms as well. The fundamental social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Website ranking on search engine depends on your SEO work. Analysis of your website or blog using SEO audit tools like Ubbersuggest, Moz, Ahref, Semrush. SEO divided into two parts first is On-Page SEO and the second is off-page SEO. On-Page and off-page SEO increase your website traffic and ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO audit tools optimize your website and find ranking issues. 

Step 11: Blogging for Money

While a few people blog for the sake of entertainment, many beginning a blog to make money. 

People thought having advertisements on my blog was the best way to get paid but they don't know there are more approaches to monetize a website. 

Earning money through blog took time. It wasn't overnight. 

But, it is possible to start a blog and make a profit within a couple of months. 

These five basic approaches help you to monetize your blog.

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Services
  5. Sell Your Products

You must need to get the monetization approval of Google Adsense to make money online. There are other Google Adsense alternatives in 2020

Final Words 

Starting a blog may appear to be genuinely straightforward from the outside, but when you get into it, there is a huge amount of work that goes into setting up, promoting, and running a blog. It’s not impossible, though. Bloggers come to blogging field with varying degrees of on the online and social media experience, but we've all committed more than a couple of amateurs mistakes – there's consistently space for all the more learning and improvement, whether you're a beginner or you've been blogging for years.

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