How to Become a Successful Freelancer in 2020 - 6 Step Guide

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How to Become a Successful Freelancer in 2020 (6 Step Guide)

When we talk about freelancing the very first question which arises in everyone's mind is what Freelancing is?

 And How to Start a Freelancing? And how you can become a pro in freelancing?

So let's get started with that What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a business lifestyle working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company or without being hired permanently. Freelancers are self-employed and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with.


“A Freelancer is somebody who offers their services for a fee and ordinarily with no desire for a permanent single client, despite the fact that the working relationship can be ongoing. It's a type of independent work, like working a self-start venture as opposed to working from home.”

These are simple 6 Ways to Becoming a Successful Freelancer in 2020 - 6 Step Guide

1. Identify Your Niche

2. Learn the Right Skills        

3. Focus on Your Website/ Portfolio

4. Streamline Your Overhead Time

5. Invest in Marketing Your-Self

6. Grow Your Friends' Network

We will go to share it with you in this post.  

1.) Identify Your Niche

Identifying a niche gives you a more clear thought of what sorts of work will help develop your business, which thus implies you can narrow down a list of potential websites and clients to approach.  It will enable you to brand yourself, find clients and work, and, above all, focus your time spent perfecting the right skills to expand return on your investment.

Here are four tips to find your niche 

a.) Stick to what you know. There is already lots of competition, so build a strong foundation in which you are an expert.

b.) Work with that much enthusiasm that employers agree to give a 5-star rating/feedback on your work. That's important. It will take huge amounts of hard work but it will be worth it.

c.) Ensure the job pays an amount that is sufficient to ensure you can make a quality job.

d.) Enjoy what you do!

2.) Learn the Right Skills

Identify which skills are required as a freelancer in your niche and create a plan to develop them outside your day job. Learning the right skills according to your field is the most important aspect. Enhancing a skill will be a never-ending job for a freelancer. Every Year, Month the market is changing so we have to change or upgrade ourselves according to the need of the market.

3.) Focus on Your Website/ Portfolio

It’s almost impossible to do business without first building an attractive and user-friendly website/portfolio. It also helps ensure clients can get in touch with you and request your services.

If you have the experience, ensure you feature it! Here are a few tips to recognize your portfolio:

  • Get Personal

Incorporate a bio that outlines your experience, not simply your work. Numerous occupations have come down to the customer choosing which freelancer they preferred more as an individual since, because, they need to work with you.

  • Tell, don't (just) appear

Forget the old saying: your work can't generally justify itself. Incorporate a short description of each task clarifying how you worked with the customer at various stages to get the end result. Give the customer a chance to perceive what it resembles to work with you.

  • Demonstrate the Numbers

What effect did your work have on the client's objectives? Did you help them make substantial investment funds or benefits?

It's alright to brag about the outcomes your work has had. Include email list development, increase on website visits or various buys — anything that experimentally indicates what you can deliver.

  • Include Real Testimonials

You've just shown why somebody should enlist you — now let others do the talking for you. Testimonials are the social evidence that customers need to get them from ‘interested’ to ‘committed.’

They provide approval and help potential clients believe in the services you give. Try not to be modest about requesting one from your customers.

4.) Streamline Your Overhead Time

You must spend hours each week on overhead, which you usually can’t bill for. These hours are often spent invoicing, writing contracts, and pitching ideas to clients. Make sure that your client should understand the way how you do the work and how you handle the project.

I strongly recommend you take time on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to check-in and clean up your project boards—because no matter how sorted out you are, a little up gradation is fundamental.

  • Consistently: Spend time every day refreshing your hours worked on each project and checking priorities for upcoming work.
  • When seven days: Spend a short amount of time tidying up your boards, rechecking priorities, archiving tasks and projects that don't need to be there.
  • When a month: Do a quick audit of your work to see where your time went and how it lines up with your objectives.

5.) Invest in Marketing Your-Self

You could attend trade shows and seminars, utilize pay-per-click ads, or take steps to improve your website’s search engine optimization. Invest money on branding yourself and this will attract clients.

This commonly includes website and social media accounts where you can show your logo and business name, portfolio, testimonials, and services. Nowadays, each freelancer should have a website, especially if they work with clients remotely.

6.) Grow Your Friends' Network

To make up for this shortfall, self-employed persons should strive to make friends with others in their industries. If you don’t know other freelancers in your area, you can join a group online. It's not simply social networking, however — your 'real-life' presence is vital, as well. Go to niche-specific events to connect with potential customers. Meetings are particularly great spots to get connected.

Advantages of Being a Freelancer 

  • You're the Boss - This implies you can pick when and where you work. In case you're a night owl, you can work the whole night and stay in bed until early afternoon while never going out.

Moreover, you can likewise choose what activities you need to take a shot at. In case you’re a photographer, you may fear working weddings. This implies you don't need to acknowledge a wedding freelance job on if you don't want to prefer, however, you'll have the option to choose just the occasions or circumstances that you prefer to take pictures of.

  • You Can Make More Money - If you have the drive, freelancers can get more cash-flow than the normal individual. A few reports have discovered that freelancers earn 45% more than the normal full-time employee.
  • Lower Taxes - Federal and state expenses are not retained from your checks and freelancers pay the IRS directly four times each year, including the independently employed tax in place of social security. They also have access to tax charge conclusions like office, travel, feast, and web costs.
  • Work-Life Balance - Between adaptable schedules, and the fact that only 29% of freelance workers put in over 40 hours out of every week, freelancers have a mind-blowing work-life balance.
  • More Joyful, Healthier - Studies have discovered that freelancers are more joyful and healthier, both mentally and physically than traditional workers.

These are Some Popular Freelance Websites:

Final Words

Once you've chosen what part of your field to freelance, make an effort to set up yourself. "The greatest misconception individuals have is that they're going to jump directly into it and start profiting,". False. Because you build it doesn't mean they'll come." It requires some investment to grow a freelance business; it requires some effort to set up yourself, and it requires some effort to make money. This can be nerve-wracking and cause countless restless nights. But with talent, with ability, patience, diligence and a bit of karma, freelancing can be among the most fulfilling - and rewarding approaches to make money.

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