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How to Generate Facebook Application ID Step by Step

A Facebook App ID is a unique number that identifies your application when you demand promotions/ads from Audience Network. Each application on Audience Network must have a special Facebook App ID

Facebook ID is one of a kind identification proof numbers or Your User ID is a series of numbers that don't actually recognize you however connects to your Facebook profile.

You have a User ID automatically, whether you make a username. Anybody with the client ID can see your profile, including any public information.

These are basic steps that can be followed by anybody without the necessity of being a developer this blog would be a great help.

Step 1: Go To Facebook Developers Page.

Step 2: Input Your New App’s Information.

Step 3: Add Products In Your App.

Step 4: Set Up Your Product.

Step 5: Make Your App Live.

Explain One by One Step: How to Get  Facebook App ID

Step 1: Go To Facebook Developers Page.

  • For this, you need a Facebook account if you don't have then create one and then login with your Facebook account and go to Facebook developers page

  •  You will see the above screen. 
  • Click at My Apps in the right corner of the top navigation bar and select Create App.

Step 2: Input Your New App’s Information.

  • Enter the Display Name and Contact Email.

  • Click on the Create App ID button.


Step 3: Add Products In Your App.

  • The new App will be created and redirected to the Facebook App Dashboard.

  • Add a Facebook login product in your app. 

  •  Click on Facebook login setup.

Step 4: Set Up Your Product.

  • Select the platform of the App.

  • Fill out all the details.
  •  and Click on the “Save” button to skip the remaining part. 

  • Now click on “Settings” in the left side menu list.
  • Enter redirect URL here ( for example “https://yourdomainname/signin” and after that click the “Save Changes” button to save the details.

Step 5: Make Your App Live

  •  Select the "category" of your App.

  • Now your app is live and you can get your App ID as shown in the below image.


Feel free to ask a question in a comment if you are unable to complete the process ( How to Generate Facebook App ID) or stuck in between and share with someone who needs help with this, let them know.

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