List of Popular Methods for Online Storytelling with Examples

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What is Online Storytelling?

Storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate with people & the internet is the new place to tell the story. It has the power to make people move and take action. Every culture follows the act of storytelling.

Storytelling is a great way to communicate with people & sharing your thoughts among them. Storytelling let the visitors engage on the website for more time

Methods of Online Storytelling

There are several ways by which you can do storytelling. We always look forward to the new ways to make online storytelling a better to understand by the people. The story builds the personal connection & triggered the emotional response from the audience.

These are The Six Online Storytelling Methods You Can Use as Per Your Needs.

1.) Storytelling with Text 

2.) Storytelling with Visuals  

3.) Storytelling with Animated

4.) Storytelling with Videos

5.) Storytelling with Audio

6.) Storytelling with Social Media

1.) Storytelling with Text 

Text is one of the most common methods on the internet for storytelling. As on the average people only read 20-28% on the web page, studies show that they mostly try to scan the page with eye-tracking rather than reading the web page. To get a user to engage with your content you need to make it Fun, Unique, Creative and provocative.

medium text storytelling methods geoflypages

Text content might be a popular type on the web but not the engaging type because people don't read them much.

To let your reader engage with the content you need to keep the content interesting. Package your content into a good story or tell them stories based on a true incident.

Producing a textual content is easier than the other methods such as video and audio. You can write the stories in the form of blog posts, articles, and e-books. 

Build a captivating story about your product, about company, vision, team, culture and your experience, etc

These are the List of The Text Storytelling Websites:

1. Commaful

2. Wattpad

3. Figment (RIP)   

4. Medium

5. FictionPress     

6. Smashwords

7. Booksie             


9. Quotev             

10. Tumblr

2.) Storytelling with Visuals  

A visual image can tell stories

Visuals images are so efficient in conveying a story

"Visual content is processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text"

Visual storytelling involves the uses of the graphics, images to engage the viewers to drive emotions & interaction

infographics storytelling methods geoflypages

The content with relevant images gets more views than the content without the graphics & images.

Visual storytelling is not about pairing a piece of content with an image but determining the way to present the information in front of the right audience.

You can Use the Visual in Three Types

  • Using Web Images in Your Content

Approx 93% of senior marketers say that the images and photographs are essential & critical part of their overall marketing strategy.

  • Background Image

Background image creates a great impact on website visitors. The visual image gives a good idea about the story you're about to tell.

  • Infographics

Infographics give a clear and quick visually representation from the last few decades the infographics are very popular.

In visual storytelling, infographics are one of the most liked visuals by the people on social media as it consists of more information and easy to consume & share.

3.) Storytelling with Animated

Entertainment is the aspect of good storytelling & animation gives more power to your storytelling. People only listen to your story when they find it interesting and entertaining. when people get to entertain the want to listen more from you.

People love visual stories and adding animation in stories is the icing on the cake for the visitors. Good storytelling appeals to your emotions.

canva animated storytelling methods geoflypages

If people get hooked in your stories then they will visit your website again & again for more.

People coming to the website to know more is a positive effect of storytelling they become and eager to know more.

4.) Storytelling with Videos

The video makes your story more engaging. 

Building a video is great for storytelling.

Most people view the video for better understanding because people remember visual more.

People buy a product when they see the video of the product.  

biteable video storytelling methods geoflypages

Study shows that people stay longer on your website when it has a video on it. You can use an introductory video of your business on a website.

5.) Storytelling with Audio

Audio storytelling is the very old form of telling a story & easy to remember, you can use audio on your website in any manner.

Audio storytelling is an engaging communication that is the combination of music & speech into narratives form.

spreaker audio storytelling methods geoflypages

Audio stories involve three main steps: speech recording, speech editing & music editing.

Podcasting is the form of audio storytelling. The podcast is the easiest way of creating audience engagement.

Key Elements of Some Effective Audio Storytelling:

  • The human element is the key ingredient in the story. Try to focus on the characters/people in the stories.
  • Using the right audio structure in dialogue delivery.
  • Use the typed drafts before you record this help in the structure & flow.

6.) Storytelling with Social Media

In recent years social media has gained so much popularity because it allows people & companies to connect together. 

Social media allow you to share your own stories, follow others & allow you to collaborate with others in building stories.

facebook social media storytelling methods geoflypages

If you want to market a product on a social platform try to explain your product in the form of the story when customers read the stories about the product they likely to relate more with the product & buy the product. 

The brand that tells the stories to their audiences sees a huge return on their investment. 

Here is the List of Online Storytelling Websites for Audio, Video, Visual & Animated:

1. This American Life     

2. The Moth

3. StoryCorps                 

4. Radiolab

5. The Memory Palace   

6. Marc Maron’s WTF

7. Cowbird                     

8. Porchlight Storytelling Series  

9. Radiotopia                 

10. This Really Happened

11. Canva

12. Biteable


The Internet is the only medium that simultaneously used by people all over the world and connects everyone together. Online Storytelling is a powerful way to get engage with the people of your interest. so if you want to invest your time in creating storytelling data for the marketing then it will surely boost your online sale.  

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