Reverse Image Search - How to Find Similar Photos From Your Phone

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What is Reverse Image Search?

So you have an image, and you want to know where it came from or what it is. Then you can use this Google reverse image search option to find out the source of the image.

Reverse image search on Google works like that when you put a photo or link into the image browser (Google image browser)

Google image will show you the related image and bring up other websites contains that type of image.

Reverse Google Image Search helps in a way to quickly find out the similar images around the web. Just upload an image into the Google Image Browser from your desktop and it will show you related images on other websites and showing the same photo almost instantly.

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Use of Reverse Image Search

• To Avoid Plagiarism and Protect Copyrights 

These image reverse tool helps in avoid image plagiarism. this will show the original image source & let the owner get the credit of the picture or image.

• To Find the Origin of an Image

Nowadays people download the image and spread it anywhere for different purposes. Reverse image search lets you know the origin of the image.

• Find Fake Social Profiles and Accounts

Random people are using other people's images on social media without their permission. In order to make the fake account & uploading other people's images.

• Find Visually Similar Images

These help in the find the similar and related images according to the size of the image or with color combination and gives you an identical result

• Find Products and Places

Unknown products, places & people are no more problem to find out. Upload the pictures of the place, people or product in reverse image search tool.

These reverse image search options also helpful for the journalists to find out the source of the image and approximate date when this image is first published on the web. Photographers use this feature to know about who is using their image and which website using it.

You can upload an image from your photo library, or you can click a new pic from your phone's camera or use an existing image from your cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox iCloud or OneDrive.

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                                            Importance of Reverse Image Search

Reverse image help in finding out the fake image and the fake people using someone else's profile pictures.

Reverse image search lets you know where your images have been reusing and when Your image going to be reused if you have a website, post copyright photographs or press releases or publish brochures.  If you want to take legal action or not to.

Reverse image search helps you to find out the age of the image you see on the web or in your email or from where it originated.

How to Find Google Reverse Image Search: Steps to do the Reverse Image Search on Desktop

 1. First, open  in your browser.

 2. Now click over the camera icon & pop up appear to say "search by image".

 3. Now choose between how you want to search an image by pasting image URL or by uploading an image.

 4. Paste the URL in the Search Bar.

 5. Then it will show the related result of the image.

The things which Google will Tell You About the Images Includes:

• File type.

• Image size.

• Other sizes of the same image.

• Pages the image appears on.

• Related images.

• Pages that include matching images.

This will show all the possible result no matter what your image size will be. 

Reverse Image Search - Search By Image From Your Phone

Open the Google browser on the phone and then follow these steps as shown in the images below.  

•  When you get the desktop version on your phone then you just have to follow the same step (given above) as you follow in the desktop.

How to do Reveres Image Search in Bing Browser

1. First, open the Bing Browser 

2. Click on the icon as shown in the image above.

3. Then it shows the pop up of visual search and paste the URL of the image in that or drag and drop the image. 

4. It will show related images on the right side.

 Best 10 Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps and Tools  in 2020

1. Tineye Reverse Image Search

Tineye crawled over 34 billion images till date. It gives the same feature as the other search engine gives to do for searching an image- search by URL, upload or drag & drop. TinEye is free up to 150 times in a week if you use more than that you have to use a paid version

2. Yandex Reverse Image Search 

Russia's Yandex has a unique image search that works on mobile devices right from the browser.

Click on the image icon on the right side of the search bar.

Click Select a file or drag the image.

• Or Paste image URL in the search field.

You can Visit Some More Reverse Image Search Tools:

3. Duplichecker 

4. Smallseotools 

5. Pinterest 

6. Picsearch

7. Prepostseo 

8. Flicker

9. Getty Images


Why Should You use These Reverse Image Research Tools

• With the help of this you can easily find out the breed of your pet if you want to know about the specific pet you just have to upload there pic and the result will show you the similar breed pets and websites who deal in it.

• These tools will also help you to get a backlink. Backlinks are helpful for website ranking on SERP. You can ask the people who are using your images to add the page's backlink on their page. first, find who is using your image with the help of these tools.

Some Free Apps are Also Available for the Smartphone

Veracity (Free for iOS)

Reversee (Free for iOS & Android)

Search By Image (Free for Android)

• Reverse Image Search Extension($0.99 for iOS) 

These are all the ways to do the reverse image search on the desktop or the Smartphone. 


All are the easiest way to find the image origin.  This is a critical mainstream skill for the publications, especially news organizations. Find a similar image in a couple of seconds and it is less critical to use.

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